Why I'm Running

As a graduate of Lackey High School and a lifelong resident of Charles County, I have witnessed dynamic changes within the Charles County Board of Education (CCBOE) that have removed local control from our teachers over what and how they can teach. The academic curriculum focus has been turned over to federal and state agencies regarding what teachers can do in their classrooms.

Our teachers need the freedom to teach their students in the manner they believe is best for our students and their classroom. Rather than simply having students memorize materials to pass a test.

I am committed to creating a diverse environment for positive teaching & learning for all Charles County Public School (CCPS) students. My goal is to serve as an advocate for the community, while fostering business engagement, and creating community partnerships to advance CCPS. If elected I will donate a portion of my salary to youth-based community organizations within the county.


My pledge to you is, that I will always act in the best interests of the community and students, even if that means I must stand alone.

As someone who lives in District 2, I will be readily available to promptly respond & address any concerns the community may have and openly consider new ideas and/or solutions to issues we may face.


*Focus on Learning, Not Testing

*Improve our Special Education Department

*Emphasize STEM Curriculum

• Promote and support the need for increase construction funding to

address overcrowding of classrooms.

• Work to decrease the achievement gap for all students.

• Raise the awareness of parental, community, and local business partnerships for our students and schools.

• Increase funding for head start and other early learning childhood development programs.

• Raise teachers' salaries comparable to other school districts in our state.

• Raise support staff and service personnel salaries.

• Expand CCPS apprenticeship programs so more students have the opportunity if desired to become an electrician, plumbers, carpenters, automotive mechanics, or in the field of construction.

• Work toward preparing our students for their future endeavors, whether that's college, the workforce, military, trade school, or apprenticeship programs.

• Support the needs of all CCPS students, teachers, and staff.

• Advocate for free summer school for all students.

• Advocate for more funding for free & reduced breakfast & lunch for all students.

• Advocate for creating a teacher's creativity fund so teachers won't have to spend money for their paycheck on needs for their classrooms.

• Advocate for CCPS to recruit, hire and retain a diverse group of teachers who reflect our student population.

• Advocate for the elimination of the high rate of detention, suspension, and expulsion of minority students.

• Advocate for the return of the student activity bus.

• Seek a partnership with to install solar energy panels on all CCBOE buildings reducing our electrical costs.


• Visit each school & meet with school personnel.

• Host quarterly town hall community meetings with parents, students, and the community in District 2.

• Meet with CCBOE central office and support staff and request that CCBOE does business with local & state businesses first.